My knives are made from both stainless steel and carbon steel. These durable materials are surprisingly flexible, yet holds a sharp edge. I also have blades of Damascus steel made from chainsaw chain, motorcycle chain and aircraft cable.

The majority of my knife handles are made from stabilized wood. The stabilization of wood reduces the chance of expansion, shrinkage and moisture absorption. In addition to stabilized wood, I also use Linen and Canvas Micarta, Deer Antler, Ram and Buffalo Horn and Dymondwood.

I welcome custom orders and enjoy making knives that reflect the individuality of the customer. Contact me and we will discuss the details. Please allow 90 days for delivery.


Most of my sheaths are 9oz. cow or horse leather inlayed with either Timber or Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake. All sheaths are hand-stitched and custom made for each knife in various shades of brown or black. Leather tooling is also available.
Note: My supply of Rattlesnake is acquired from unintentional deaths.